Your feet are in constant use and therefore need looking after. A pedicure helps to revitalise tired and aching feet putting the spring back in your step. The treatment includes cutting and filing nails, cuticle work, a foot scrub to reduce dry skin and a massage to stimulate circulation. Nails are then buffed or painted. The deluxe pedicure includes application of a cooling hydrating foot mask.


  • Pedicure £25
  • Deluxe pedicure £30


Regular manicures can help keep your hands healthy, clean and looking beautiful. They strengthen and condition the nails, promoting healthy skin and cuticles. The manicure treatment includes cutting and filing nails, cuticle work and a relaxing hand and arm massage. Nails are then buffed or painted as preferred.


  • Shape and paint £10
  • Manicure £20

Shellac Power Polish

Everybody is raving about Shellac gel nails as they are simply wonderful! It is a manicure system that goes on like a polish and lasts like a gel. I use a total of four coats and each coat is cured under a UV lamp. Once the final layer is cured the manicure is hard and the nails will be dry. Shellac nails last up to 14 days without losing shine or shimmer; they are hard and do not scratch or smudge. Removal is easy and does not involve drilling and does not damage the nail.



Shellac gel nails on hands or feet £30

* price includes removal when needed