Eye Treatments


The eyes are the part of the face we notice first. A well- shaped eyebrow can create lifting effect, enhancing the eye area. It is also a fantastic and quick way to take years off your appearance! A tint will add to this effect by adding definition.

An eyelash tint is a quick and easy way to provide a natural looking lash from root to tip without the clumps or irritation you can get with wearing mascara daily. Not only does it save time on make-up application and removal, it also prevents smudging. It is particularly good for hayfever sufferers, swimmers and contact lens wearers.


  • Eyebrow shape £10
  • Eyebrow tinting £8
  • Eyelash tint £15
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tint £20
  • Eyelash, eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape £25

*Please note: a sensitivity test is necessary 24 hours prior to tinting

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes delicately attached to your existing lashes. By blending the lash extensions evenly with your natural eyelashes, they are given the appearance of being naturally thicker and longer. A full set takes around 90 minutes to apply. Up to 100 false lashes are attached to each natural lash. A half-set of around 50 lashes will give a more natural look.

After a consultation you will be given your desired look, whether it is a slightly longer lash or something more dramatic. This will take around 90 minutes and will last around 12 weeks with in fills or 4 weeks without.
All extensions are supplied by Lash Perfect.
  • Full Set – £45
  • Half Set – £25
  • In-Fills – £25 – £40
  • Express Lashes – £25
  • Lash Corner Flicks – £15
  • Party Lashes (Clusters) – £15
  • Removal – £10
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